Public Consultation

A nation that destroys its environment destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. (F.D Roosevelt, Former Us President)

A team of experts of ORCU and zonal experts from OEFCCA and OFWE has consulted members of Local Community Associations engaged in forest conservation in four weredas selected from West Arsi  and Bale zones. The consultation was mainly aimed at managing over-expectation among the local community regarding Emission Reduction Benefits as well as creating awareness on Oromia REDD+ fundamental objectives and major activities. Meanwhile, Climate change, its major causes and effect, the role of forest conservation in climate change mitigation and emission reduction payment were the major issues rased during the discussion.

Adaba woreda,west arsi zone

Participants expressed their concern regarding the delay of Emission reduction payment, illegal actions against forest conservation such as illegal tree cutters, lack of close supervision and support, poor enforcement of law regarding forest protection among others.

The team of experts welcoming participants’ concern stressed the need to strengthen forest conservation, enforcement of the law such as controlling illegal tree cutters, meet the requirement of emission reduction standard through hard work among other issues. Finally, it was agreed to strengthen support and work collaboratively in order to alleviate the gaps highlighted and more forward.  

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